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The air blasting equipment of roxor strahltechnik is designed for the very exact air blasting treatment of top-end machine elements. Ferrous as well as non-ferrous media can be processed. The construction features are durability, low maintenance, easy handling and solidity and therefore ideally tailored for the high sophisticated demands of the aerospace and automotive industry. More about roxor strahltechnik »

New plants

New plants

The blasting cabins are bolted together, they are sound dampened and tailor-made to the individual needs. The continuous blasting system can handle up to …



An investment into new plant may frequently be unnecessary if the existing plant can be retrofitted and adapted.

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The components used by roxor strahltechnik  are all of the highest quality in order to impart the highest quality to our products.


Shot-Peening Unit KULI-103

28. February 2016

Long-lasting investment due to solid construction – Unmanned, fast, automatic tool change in conjunction with visual tool measurement – Since …

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1. February 2016

Despite her young age, roxor strahltechnik (Roxor Maschinen AG) can be proud of a well-known and loyal clientele! Thank you for your confidence!
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